February listings

              Welcome to my blog post for this month here on Early Works.
 Feb. is here and I am looking ahead to spring. We even had snow this year that lasted more than a day.

                                               Hopping down the bunny trail.
   My first listing this month a sweet set of bunnies and a little sheep to go with them.
They are small; approx., 13 in. tall for the largest bunny; 8 in. for the small bunny. They both are attached to a wooden base and each have wire inserts in their ears.
The little lamb is 3 1/2 in. long and 3 1/2 in. tall. He has a full coat of gray wool needle felted to his body. He has twiggy legs and wears a little sheep's bell around his neck.
 The bunnies are made with coffee and cinnamon dyed muslin fabric with painting and staining techniques. Their facial features are hand stitched and their paws are needle sculpted.
 Momma bunny wears a cotton dress under a linen texture coat. The coat is trimmed down the front with rusty bells. A wool felt collar adorns the neck and a dyed strip of cheesecloth is tied at the center front of her neck. She holds a painted and cinnamon dusted basket that contains Sweet Annie, moss and hand made clay eggs. The eggs are stained to age them.
The small bunny wears a green wool dress under her plaid wool coat, Rusty bells and Jute sting tied around her waist adorn the front. She carries a grapevine wreath with a banner reading Easter Greetings. Moss, Sweet Annie and a rusty bell embellish the wreath.
                                      Adoption fee $140 plus shipping.


                                   Abe Lincoln 24 in. counting his top hat.
        This Americana themed doll will make a great addition to a collection.  
He is made with muslin that is stained with a coffee, cinnamon and vanilla mixture. His facial features are hand drawn and painted with artist pencils. His nose in needle sculpted. 
 He has a beard and hair of black sheep's wool needle felted to his head. 
 His boots and gloves are painted and sanded for age. 
 He wears a black suit with  tails in back and a contrasting star print shirt. A large bow adorns the neckline. He wears a wool felt hat on his head. The hat is hand stitched and has a wire insert with stuffing to hold it's shape.
He holds a hand made flag. the flag is made with muslin and is painted primitive style and stained along with sanding. 
 He holds a canvas banner reading We the people printed on it. 
 This doll will sit with his built in seat or hang from a hanger on his back. 
 Included is a copy of a vintage card.  He will be signed and dated.

                                                     SOLD,  Thank you.