Fall harvest collection.
       Autumn will soon be here with the changing colors, I made this set to welcome the season. This group set together measures approximately 18 in. wide and 14 in. tall counting the Pilgrim man.
  Each doll is made with over dyed muslin. They have wool hair stitched to their heads with needle felting. Their clothing is made is fall colors as the seasons changes. rusty bells and lantern add to the scene.
  The little sheep has a full coat of gray color wool stitched and needle felted to his body. He has a cute little painted face and stitched on ears. He wears a bell around his neck.
 The pony has been painted and aged with cinnamon and other spices. He has stitched on ears and has a wool mane and tail.
  The Pilgrim man carries a basket of his fall bounty with a rope tied around his neck.  The lady's basket is aged and holds a gourd.

                                                     $150.00 plus shipping. (SOLD)


This sweet kitty is ready and waiting for fall and holds her pumpkin.
She measures 21 in. tall. She is made with dyed muslin and has painted eyes. Her dress is made with reproduction fabric in beautiful colors. Her apron is a cherished heirloom scarf embroidered. Hand crochet trims the outer edges. 
 Her pumpkin is made with fall fabric and has a twig stem and wool leaves. She wears pantaloons underneath. 

Adoption fee   $69.00 plus shipping.

This Santa ornament measure 9 in. tall and is made in the old time way with wire and wool.
 He has a paper face of long ago style Santa's.  He will stand along with a little back support. I made a hanger on his back for hanging if you prefer. 
His face and beard are sprayed with a fixative to set. 
He wears a felted wool coat and pants. rusty bells adorn the coat front and knit stocking.  The stocking holds some Christmas items. 

 Price for this one of a kind Santa $39.00 plus shipping.