Hello and merry Christmas to you all.
It has been a busy season for me and I love all of it.

 I have for listing this month a couple of Santa dolls.



This Americana Santa with reindeer will look wonderful displayed in some faux snow on a shelf. He measures approx, 17 in. from the tip of his hat to the bottom of his wooden base. He is lightly weighted.
  This Santa is made with coffee and vanilla dyed muslin fabric. His facial features are stitched by hand. His nose is needle sculpted. He has primitive gray sheep's wool beard and hair.
  Santa wears a red felted wool coat and under garment of navy blue star print fabric. His coat and hat are trimmed with a navy blue star print fabric hand stitched to his coat.
 His hat is wired and stuffed to keep it's shape. A rusty bell is stitched to the tip.
 Mini cinnamon sticks adorn the front of his under garment. A jute rope is tied around his waist.
Santa holds a prim tree and rusty lantern in one arm and a burlap pouch with an aged teddy bear and cinnamon sticks along with the American flag.
Santa is attached to a painted and stained wooden plaque. It has a felt bottom to protect your furniture.
 The reindeer is made with muslin. He is painted and has a light stain applied.  He has a painted muzzle and his antlers and ears are wired to hold their shape. He has a light spinkling of German Mica flakes for a Christmas sparkle. He has a red wool blanket on his back and rusty bells are stitched to a ribbon around his neck.
     Bells are ringing and I can just hear Santa and his reindeer prancing in the snow.
                       Adoption fee is $175.00 plus shipping.

   This sweet Saint Nicholas is made with muslin and painted. His nose is needle sculpted and he has spun wool beard and hair. He lightly sprayed with a fine glitter. 
He wears a red felted wool coat and hat with real fur trim.  He is attached to a wooden base for easy display. 
 Santa holds a glittered Christmas tree in one of his wired arms. 
 This Santa is 15 in. from his base to the tip of his wired hat. 

                                                                     'SOLD'  Thank you.